Artist Development

The days of record labels developing artists are gone. Labels expect you to be fully polished, understand the business, and ready to perform, prior to accepting a meeting with you.  Point blank – they want superstars walking through the door!


It can be difficult and frustrating trying to figure out what to do next to further your career. This often leaves you the ‘Artist’ with, “where do I start or what’s next?”


Bill McDermott Productions will help you through the development process. It begins with discovering your sound, the song(s), music production, stage and social media presence. Whether you decide to pursue a career independently or a major record deal all the elements must be in place, and at the highest quality level.


Producer Bill McDermott has an impressive resume with decades of experience and industry connections. McDermott Productions & Artist Development has comprehensive development programs that will keep you busy, engaged and motivated while working towards your career. This puts you in a better position to get noticed by the real decision makers in the music industry.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t stress, we know people and will get you connected. Contact us today for a consultation.

What is Artist Development ?

Artist development is a professional process which  performing artists and songwriters undertake, traditionally as unsigned artists or unpublished songwriters, in order to cultivate their musical attributes into an attractive commercial proposition for labels and publishers.


Once your songs are written and produced, and  if you are interested, we will help you create an electronic press kit (EPK), Which includes your photos, bio, and a few of your best songs. The EPK is used to represent you to the music industry including talent buyers, booking agents, record labels, managers, and anyone who may be interested in helping you further your music career.  Music Videos and Video EPKs are also popular trend these days. We have an excellent video team who will capture footage of your recording session, work on a concept/story based on one of your songs, film you performing live or in the studio, and edit the footage to create a professional video EPK.


Sometimes when a label or company is interested in the artist or band, a showcase is recommended to show the industry how good the act performs in front of an audience. We choose a venue where the artist can perform at least a 30 minute set and  invite industry executives to the show. Sometimes I even have my best artists sing in front of a label executive in their office or conference room!